Online Workout Programs

We offer group and private online workout programs. Our sponsored programs allow you to attend our 4-week programs and workshops at no charge. A great way to get started and learn movement fundamentals, no matter what fitness level you are currently at.

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Back to Basics Training

Back To Basics 4-Week Program

BACK TO BASICS is a 4-week complementary progressive entry level movement and core class to learn how to breathe, strengthen your core and move safely. It's perfect for those who are just starting out, returning to exercise, or have injured themselves trying to get stronger.

We will progressively coach you through the basics and provide you with a takeaway program that can be done at home with no equipment.

SHEILA HAMILTON Kettlebell Basics Workshop

Monthly 1-Hour Workshops

Our complementary monthly workshops are Instructor-led virtual Group Fitness classes that are ideal for participants of any level. Each session covers basic movements so you will feel comfortable throughout the class experience.

Picture of live Virtual Group Fitness class in Canada

Virtual Group Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. 

From stretching and strength, to back health and cardiovascular fitness, we have the perfect Group for you! Also, a lot can be done with little or no equipment at home.

Sheila Hamilton provides  professional public speaking & corporate events through health and wellness focused events and workshops

Public Speaking & Corporate Events

Sheila is an experienced workshop presenter and has extensive experience engaging audiences through her health and wellness focused events and workshops.

Sheila loves to engage her audiences in heart-felt and vulnerable ways that inspire, uplift, cajole, heal, ignite and rally the hearts of people towards their fullest potential. 

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What Clients say:

What clients say  about online fitness training with Sheila Hamilton, helping with nutrition, conditioning, and strength training.


Sheila Hamilton has been my primary trainer since the start of 2017. She was recommended by my physiotherapist whose husband was a client. As a team sport, multi-sport athletic person all my life, I let my training go in my 40s while raising young kids and working full time. 

My fitness level was down, I lacked strength and endurance and my eating habits were not a priority.

Sheila came into my life at the right time and quickly became more than my trainer. Sheila's warm, friendly, wholistic approach to strength and nutrition is generous and supportive.

She is so committed to her health and strength practice that she freely gives shared knowledge during our training session because of her passion.

I learn something new every time and she is helping me build great habits that are now a part of my daily life. She also follows up to keep me on track and accountable.

Sheila has changed my life and my family's. She is an integral part of our lives in the way we talk about nutrition, conditioning, strength and being 'fit' and well.

We have a long way to go before our family becomes the "Incredibles", but with Sheila helping guide us, we are getting there. My husband was slow to get on the personal trainer wagon, but he equally adores and respects her.

Lisa Capitanio

Dr. David Olson or Dr. Awesome! 

Sheila and the Dr.s at Edgemont Chiropractic Dr David Olson and Dr. Andrew Caroon have bridged the gap between their services. They have developed a high amount of respect for each others work. It's a win win for their mutual clients and patients who benefit from their collaborative approach to living a strong, pain free and healthy lifestyle.

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