Glute Lab

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This class takes aim at those muscles we sit on all day and puts them through the paces. Our glutes don’t get used nearly as much as they should in our day to day life of sitting in cars, at desks, on sofas, etc. so sign up and give your derrière some tough love!

Sheila believes we have the knowledge to change the way we age with our training. Traditionally our hips become weak, tight and sore with age and a sedentary lifestyle (Or training that does not include enough hip work.) leading to issues with balance. The body compensates and imbalances and issues start to arise. Let's reverse engineer this problem as young as you are and start building hip strength in all planes.

Everyone can benefit from a strong toned set of hips!

Using bands, body weight and some light weights we will spend an hour toning and strengthening the backside, with a bit of core work thrown in for good measure. Difficulty and intensity is tailored to the individual with many options in class to modify the exercises to your own level. This class is suitable for all levels.

Prerequisites: Participants should not currently be experiencing any back pain. Many clients for this class have loop and long resistance bands to vary the exercises and add intensity where needed.

Sheila has coached many clients through this program pre hip replacement and post. Send us an email with any questions or concerns you have.

My Go-To Class

Annette Bazin

Why I chose the GLUTE LAB as my go-to class? SIMPLE it works! For the active lifestyle here on the North Shore, no matter what age, this class strengthens your most important ASSet for movement.

The energy and knowledge Sheila shares as she expertly guides you through the movements makes the hour fly by and I leave the class high on feeling good endorphins ready to take on the day.

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