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August 3, 10, 17, 24  - 9:00 to 9:45 AM


With Sheila and Lyndsay

In the Back to Basics: Low Back Edition Sheila and Lyndsay will review the essentials of posture and core training with attention to breathing to support your core.

Join us for 4 weekly sessions to learn the exercises and appropriate progressions and regressions based on where you are at. All fitness levels welcome in this sponsored class delivered for Edgemont Chiropractic.

We look forward to working with you to build a stronger version of yourself!

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Tuesday's at 4;45 - 5:30


Wednesday's 4;00- 4:45

Complimentary with any membership or $35/month 

All fitness levels are welcome to join this class that will aim to improve your overall movement quality, mobility and stability.
Enjoy this upbeat class as Coach Lyndsay teaches you methods to maintain and improve your movements for the decades ahead. Sounds good right? That's Movement Longevity!

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What is the Movement Garden?


Back to Basics program was exactly what I needed

Sheila and her team are highly knowledgeable and I always recommend them to my family and friends. I fully trust Sheila’s approach and her dedication to the wellbeing of her clients.

The Back to Basics program was exactly what I needed to get back into some physical activity. This series of classes helped me regain my strength, flexibility and proper posture after spending way too much time seated in front of my computer for work.

I now feel more confident attending some of the other classes. I’m grateful to Sheila for always making me feel safe, as she clearly explains the movements and their purpose while making sure to offer alternatives so everyone can benefit regardless of their limitations.

And although it initially seemed unusual to follow along from a computer, I actually now find it very practical and quite a timesaver.

Thank you Sheila and Lyndsay!!

Rosangela Giacobetti

Private Training at Home

Hi Sheila,

That was a terrific workout for me today. I feel energized right now, which is a great feeling. Thanks so much. Glad I discovered you!


Ramona Barron

I really am a stronger version of myself.

Hi Sheila,

I have been meaning to email you for awhile, but just haven’t gotten to it. I want to let you know that I am deeply appreciative of your work and support. I really am a stronger version of myself, which I never thought about happening. My left shoulder in particular has become stronger, and I can do the Turkish get up now, even though it’s not pretty! I know I’m stronger overall.

Big thanks!


Nancy Nichols

WorkSmart makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

Sheila, once again another great job on demonstrating work smart practices in the work place and at home.

The documentation presented along with all the exercise demonstrations clearly shows her passion for what we are trying to accomplish for our employees health. This topped off with the nutrition guide presented makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

We so look forward to having you back next year.

Great Job Guy’s

It’s the perfect all-round body wakeup and workout!

“Lyndsay's 8 am bodyweight class is what I use to get me up and going in the morning. No weights mean I can do it wherever I am, even outside! She is great at showing exactly what to do with the zoom meeting letting us all chat in and ask questions. And the gentle transition from stretching to activity means my body never feels pushed and I always leave the class with a good sweat on and energized for the day.”

Frank Hallett

New York City

I am so happy to say that I did NOT get injured in New York City like I did in 2018, and instead I retained my mobility throughout and even after the trip. I think I owe it to my current fitness level and awareness, and that’s thanks to the work you’ve put in – so THANK YOU!

Rain Thompson

Fitness Coaching For Wherever You're At

Back to Basics: Feet, Ankles and Balance Edition on Zoom is a wonderful class! All of the Back to Basics classes are excellent because you can see the exercises modeled for you, and get feedback as you do them yourself. There are also many tips and tricks shared to modify anything that is beyond your current ability, to help you progress from where you are at, or to progress beyond the basics. Sheila and Lindsay make the classes fun, informative and positive! Thank you to Dr. Olson, Sheila and Lyndsay for offering this superb community program and caring about our health and wellbeing!

Terry Tylka

I can train at home and travel with my virtual personal trainer. It makes it easy to be consistent.

The movements in my program to restore posture and become stronger are deceptively simple. I have experienced an increase in my strength, balance and confidence.

Carolynne Conlinn

I'm getting stronger in every way!

Training with Sheila and Lyndsay continues to be a great experience.

I am constantly improving in strength, balance, are cardio. The sessions are always changing and are lots of fun. I go to group sessions. The other clients are inspiring!

Overall, I love it!

My life was too sedentary and I needed a kick-started to getting back in shape. I was a bit hesitant initially because I'd never been to a gym.

But it quickly became clear that Sheila has a genuine interest in helping her clients become more strong and healthy. She is a caring person who is fun to be with!

There have been several improvement to my health. I stronger in every way (e.g. I can now do mini-pushups!). Sheila and her wonderful team are caring and professional in every way.

Sheila is always improving her own practice and is an incredible inspiration! You can trust the team to offer excellent advice regarding how best to approach your fitness activities.

Sheila and her team are genuinely committed to helping others improve their health and well-being through rolling, stretching, strengthening, and cardio.

I am grateful to the Movement Garden team for all your efforts!

Susan Nesbit

Back to Basics makes exercising easier

I learned a lot during this 4 week course: how to breathe properly, move better & avoid back injury while doing every day tasks.

Your guidance through each exercise is easy to understand & well explained. Providing standing options for the floor exercises makes this program accessible & valuable for a wide range of participants.

I really like your approach on how to fit exercise into a busy day or week, as it makes exercising mentally easier & not such a daunting task.

Thank you Sheila & Lyndsay so much for sharing your expertise so that I may live a healthier life.

Shelagh Gray-Moir

My Go-To Class

Why I chose the GLUTE LAB as my go-to class? SIMPLE it works! For the active lifestyle here on the North Shore, no matter what age, this class strengthens your most important ASSet for movement.

The energy and knowledge Sheila shares as she expertly guides you through the movements makes the hour fly by and I leave the class high on feeling good endorphins ready to take on the day.

Annette Bazin

Your training has given me energy to dance for hours in my lovely platform boots!

Thanks for another great training session Sheila. I love our hour of power!

I’m so very grateful to be able to get up and down from the floor unaided again. It’s been years since I’ve been able to do that!

Your core and strength training has not only relieved my chronic back pain but given me the energy to dance for hours in my lovely platform boots.

I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements over the next 14 months when I turn 80. It’s never too late to be healthy.

In gratitude,


Lizz Lindsay

I attribute my balance and strength to your classes...

Sheila, I wanted to share an experience I had that could have resulted in an injury but fortunately had an opposite effect.

I had been gardening and as I walked towards the top of our steep stairs going along the side of the house, I tripped over a small branch that I didn’t see.

I lost my balance at the top and started to dart forwards but instead of falling down the entire stairway, I skipped all the way to the bottom, landing upright.

This may seem trivial but looking back, I know it could have ended differently.

I attribute my balance and strength to your classes that I have been regularly taking for almost six years now!! It was a mind/body experience.

Thank you, Sheila, for all your positive coaching!

Maureen Clarke

I look so forward to her weekly sessions and enjoy the convenience of doing online classes in my own home.

I would highly recommend Sheila’s personal training sessions and online workouts to everyone! I have been working with Sheila for over three years and she is undoubtably the best fitness coach I have ever had.

She is extremely knowledgeable about latest fitness/wellness/nutrition research and keeps current in all her certifications as a fitness coach. I love Sheila’s detail to form.

After having chronic neck issues for many years, I feel safe and confident that I am building strength, endurance, cardio, and balance without compromising my body.

I also appreciate Sheila’s personality as she is clear, encouraging, interesting, and fun as she leads me through workouts.

I have exercised most of my life and have never really enjoyed it, until I met Sheila. Now I look so forward to her weekly sessions and enjoy the convenience of doing online classes in my own home.

Colleen Drobot

Thanks for all the classes you are putting out there. I really love them and feel like I am strong and can do all the other things I want to do - like ride, power wash, climb, hike, sprint stairs etc. I don’t know what we would ever do if you decided to move on so please don’t! :) YOU are going to keep us mobile and active for life.

Analise Ipatowicz

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