Join us for one of our Kettlebell Technique Training Workshops, kettlebell classes or consider a private session, all to ensure that you learn how to swing a kettlebell safely and effectively.

The kettlebell is a great tool to have in your training program...but there are steps involved to learning the proper technique, such as how to hinge your hips, and keep your back safe while training.

Sheila is a Strongfirst Level 2 Girya and she takes this instructor certification seriously. Re certifying her skills every 2 years as required by Strongfirst. (Her last re-certification was in Dallas, Texas December 2021) 

Kettlebell swings (And deadlifts) are the foundation of a program that includes progressions from a two hand swing to a single arm swing. Building strength and fitness with practice is the way to make progress.

Other exciting kettlebell skills to progress to include the Clean, Squat, Jerk, Push-press and Snatch. Then there's the Get Up and the Windmill.

Once you have the foundation of safe, effective skills there are many variables that a training plan can hold to make this practice something that produces the results you are looking for.

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