Taking Care Of Your Sealth: How Self Care and Health Work Together

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Last updated on December 28, 2022

Increasing Elderly Population

I think I have made a new word: Sealth

It’s a combination of Self Care and Health that I often refer to as Self Health. You read it here first: “Taking Care of Your Sealth”.

I believe it’s of utmost importance: You must learn how to take care of yourself, and there’s no time like the present. Don’t become paralyzed by what’s happening and what if’s - time is not on your side if you are not in Sealth mode.

The time to take care of yourself is now. Get Sealth on your side! 

Definition: Sealth (Btw: I made this up.) verb

  1. Any action you do that leads to an improvement in your physical, nutritional, emotional, social and environmental health.

Want to know more? Your future depends on it. Taking care of yourself first is not selfish, it's selfless. I feel an overwhelming need to keep sharing ways that you can build a stronger version of yourself. Frankly the statistics are scary and time is running out.

Who wants a long lifespan without a long healthspan?

 - Sheila

Founder of Movement Garden & Personal Trainer

Canada is already considered to be an old nation, yes we are older than the US when statistically adjusted. There are 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the US (-4). That’s close to the mean age where health span ends and disease starts.

Health span can be defined as the period in one's life that one is healthy, or free from serious disease. Lifespan is defined by the number of years you actually are alive for. 

Where are you? Has disease set in yet? And if so, what lifestyle modifications have you made to turn things around? 

  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • COPD
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Colorectal Cancers
  • Breast Cancers
  • Prostate Cancer

These are leading causes of death and the average age of 1st occurrence is 63.1 years. (-5)

Lifespan currently sits at 79.3 years, but who wants to be sick, frail and unfit for the last 20%?

We live up to 20% of our lives unhealthy. Needless to say, that's a long time.

 - Tim Peterson

Assistant Professor in the Department Of Medicine at Washington University in St Louis.

Time is of the essence. I don't want anyone to experience the loss of ability to enjoy their life.

Nobody has the right to take that away from you, including yourself! Have you already had a diagnosis or are you one diagnosis from becoming a statistic? Taking care of yourself matters. 

In his book Successful Aging, Daniel Levitin asks, “What is the single factor with the largest effect that benefits mental health, body structure (including brain structure), functioning across multiple domains, and longevity? It is exercise”.

Call it exercise, physical activity, or movement but know that putting some form of it into your life on a regular basis has been well researched and is the road to lengthening your health span.

As we age, we develop and get diagnosed with disease. I have noticed clients find new motivation that improves compliance after a diagnosis or health scare.

Realizing the benefits of making lifestyle modifications that are realistic and sustainable, many wish (including me) that I had known this information earlier!

The average American has developed 2 diseases by age 45, and 3 by age 65 (-7). The need to share this information has never been greater with younger folks. We need to redefine aging and encourage our family and friends to find and prioritize exercise early on.

The impact reaches from the individual to our collective societies and beyond. Our ability to manage ourselves, our healthcare systems, our environment and overall purpose depend on it.

Start building a stronger version of yourself today. Reach out to us at the Movement Garden. 

We have classes for all levels that work on mobility, strength, and restoration of movement and posture.

I’m convinced that improving your movement will change many things in your life, but improving the quality and length of your health span is unquestionably worth your time.

We are here to help your sealth!

Update: We've just been added to the list of Top Personal Trainers Blogs and Websites! 

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Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_kanghj103'>kanghj103</a>

A former Registered Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Sheila has dedicated herself to the ongoing learning of being a fitness professional. Making fitness a lifestyle and supporting her clients through the changes needed to reach their goals is her purpose and passion. Certified with many organizations Sheila has a special interest in the practice of kettlebell training.

  • Thank you, Sheila, for the word .sealth, (which the computer keeps wanting to ‘correct’ to stealth!) We all want to age, healthfully.

  • Taking care of your health is so important for enjoying life – and working on strength in your group classes or private training can bring so much joy to your life!. Thanks Sheila!

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