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Last updated on April 13, 2022

Build a Stronger Version of Yourself

Is there a future you that is a stronger version of yourself than how  you are living now?

Helping people build stronger versions of themselves is what I do. I hold a hopeful, empowering vision of your potential for change. I know because I’m living it myself.

Do your actions support who you envision being? It’s that vision I suggest you start to craft. Craft it visually in your mind so you don’t need to rely on anything but how you picture yourself being.

Every action you take can be filtered by your vision.

Effectively learning how to handle life's challenges has become an important personal practice.

I have learned from the Masters during my Strongfirst  certifications over the years that there are no workouts, only training practice. I believe this can be applied to all aspects of our lives. The cumulative effects of consistently practicing movement, sleep, nutrition and effective stress management is powerful. Resulting in dramatic and incredibly positive benefits to both mind and body. The magic of change lies in the consistency of your practice. What changes are you envisioning for yourself? 

The events of the last few years have made me acutely aware of time, and the feeling that time is passing fast. We all need time to practice becoming stronger versions of ourselves. Deep health is a term that my Precision Nutrition (PN1) coaching recertification recently taught me. Deep health involves thriving in all domains of human experience. “It’s a whole person, whole life phenomenon that incorporates: physical health, mental and cognitive health, emotional health, existential/purposeful health, relational and social health, and environmental health.” (-1)

All of the aspects of our deep health are connected and ideally balanced. Some aspects come more easily than others, we are all different. Start with small actions that support the stronger version of yourself. This will not only be the best gift you ever gave yourself, it’s a gift to your network of relationships with friends, family, and community. 

In whatever domain you start with, get your time on your side. Achieving your stronger self is just one action at a time.

it’s time! to start. 

Written by: Sheila Hamilton Copyright April 2022

A former Registered Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Sheila has dedicated herself to the ongoing learning of being a fitness professional. Making fitness a lifestyle and supporting her clients through the changes needed to reach their goals is her purpose and passion. Certified with many organizations Sheila has a special interest in the practice of kettlebell training.

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