What is The Movement Garden?

The Movement Garden is built on 3 guiding principles:

Read on to discover what sets us apart and why we do what we do!

Lift Your Spirit

We were living in a stressful world and then along came the 2020 World Covid Pandemic. I have found my spirit challenged. 

Has the stress and life in general made it difficult for you to cope and feel happy? Your spirit needs to be nurtured.

Life can get in the way of our happiness if we don’t take the time to work on ways to build and maintain it. Sometimes our coping skills do more harm than good, especially if we haven’t got the knowledge we need to improve. 

Dealing with stress by overusing drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications is at an all time high according to Dr. Inna Fadyeyeva, a General Practitioner in North Vancouver, B.C.. “With the isolation and restrictions put upon us from the pandemic we have the means, the opportunity and the time to overuse substances, she states.

The power of movement can truly transform your life.

Grow Your Strength

Have ever desired to become stronger physically and wondered just how that might happen?

In the Strength and Conditioning world there are so many training principles and plans to choose from. I have found historically that even fitness professionals don't agree on the best way to become stronger. This continues to motivate my desire to continue learning, as there are many courses and conferences that provide the latest research for us to be guided by with respect to programming appropriately to reach your goals.

In my experience over the last 15 years I have found that we are continuing to learn about the human body, it's interconnectedness and response to training variables. It's exciting for me to feel that I am part of a "movement" that is changing the way we age.

It is no longer acceptable to me that aging means a decline of health and movement competency. We currently have enough knowledge to reverse disease processes and improve the strength and integrity of our body. Creating a plan for cultivating better health must include a training plan that is simple enough to follow, yet comprehensive enough to keep the adaptation response in you body moving forward.

Creating a plan that also keeps you interested and accountable, and meets you where you are at with respect to your fitness level and past or present injuries. (Oh how those old injuries can play a role in our ability to make progress!)

It's our job to make the magic happen for you by our dedication to finding a safe place for you to start and building your movement capacity and fitness level with consistency. I really feel the magic is in the consistency of the strength practice.

Growing your strength works like magic! 

cultivate YOUR health

Making your health a lifestyle is worthy of cultivating.

Do you desire to live a long and healthy life with robust longevity? At Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden our team is committed to improving and changing the way you age.

The roots of your health lie in your routines and habits. Rooting those routines (Making them stick.) roots us, and improves our physical, physiological and psychological health.

Why Health Integrity Matters

There are many aspects of cultivating your health to consider. With each aspect a change can be scaled so you can find a way to enjoy the positive adaptations of your change resulting in an improvement of all health outcomes.

Whether it’s your exercise, nutrition, sleep, or stress management routine there are many ideas we can suggest for you to try. 

Sharing the knowledge from a lifelong commitment to continual learning is at Sheila’s core. She shares this value with her team of Lyndsay and Louise who are both exemplary examples of their positive health cultivation.

Whether it’s a class or a private session you can be sure they will pack it with many value added ideas for you to consider.

"Invest in your self health - In "Sealth!" - Sheila 

You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem and SMARTER than you think.

Experience the results of training with us by dedicating some time for classes and/or a private session to your weekly routine. We are here to get you started in the right place with a safe program that meets you where you are at to get started.

We can’t wait to share this with you!

Sheila, Lyndsay, and Louise

(The Movement Gardeners)