Sheila Hamilton, owner & personal trainer at Movement Garden

Sheila Hamilton, owner & personal trainer at Movement Garden

About Sheila.

Sheila, the founder of it’s time! Fitness Results gym closed the doors on August 31, 2020 from Covid pandemic related issues after 8 years of business.  it’s time! for change and now the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden has begun.

“I have an even stronger sense of purpose for my work as a result of the pandemic. I literally and figuratively want to help MOVE you through this pandemic and beyond."

A former Registered Nurse turned Personal Trainer Sheila has dedicated herself to the ongoing learning of being a fitness professional.

Making fitness a lifestyle and supporting her clients through the changes needed to reach their goals is her purpose and passion.

Certified with many organizations Sheila has a special interest in the practice of kettlebell training. Sheila is a Strongfirst Level 2 Girya.

A foundation of good movement and core strength sets everyone up to enjoy the benefits found in kettlebell training.

It's just a given that you will grow to love the bells as much as Sheila has come to over the years she has dedicated to this practice.

Current Certifications: With links to what this actually means! 


Strongfirst SFG Level 2 and Barbell Instructor  

FMS2 Functional Movement Level 2

FRA, FRC Mobility Specialist

PN1 V4

dedicated to ongoing learning in movement and life

The learning continues albeit 2020 has brought me lessons felt outside of the box of being a personal trainer and coach. A global pandemic has changed lives and livelihoods and I closed the gym known as it's time! Fitness Results on August 31, 2020 after 8 years.

Everyone has been affected by the pandemic in different ways. I have been profoundly affected and it has already changed the trajectory of my life. Thinking that I would have my gym business for another 7 years as this was term with the option that I had, you can see that I have some course redirection to do! 

Although the months leading up to and immediately following the gym closure were unsettling I now see the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.

How about you? Do you have course correction ahead of you as well? My new business Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden will be more than sets and reps. It will be about growing as a person with a strong mental game and smile, growing a lifestyle that cultivates long term health, and growing a body that needs you to challenge it!

I really miss the opportunities for learning and travel that have been on hold until the pandemic is under control. I'm looking forward to attending the NSCA's National Strength and Conditioning Conference in person once well as re-certifying my Level 2 Strongfirst Girya somewhere.....oh that will be fun! 




Sheila will visit your workplace with her gym boyfriend skeleton "Jim!"  Armed with her latest handouts on exercise and nutrition along with a little humour about our minds and bodies and how we can get them to work connect 

Sheila, once again another great job on demonstrating work smart practices in the work place and at home.

The documentation presented along with all the exercise demonstrations clearly shows her passion for what we are trying to accomplish for our employees health. This topped off with the nutrition guide presented makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

We so look forward to having you back next year.

Great Job Guy’s” – F. Jones, Samuel, Son & Co.

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