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We’ve created an active community united through love of fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing. 

Experience the Benefits of Being Part of Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden

As a valued member of the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden, you'll discover a world of exclusive benefits curated specifically for men and women aged 45-70. 

Our approach is designed to meet your unique needs and empower you on your journey to a healthier and more vibrant life.


We understand that your fitness journey is unlike anyone else's. That's why we've created an innovative workout experience tailored to your age group. With our unique approach, you'll engage in a total body workout that not only energizes, strengthens, and balances your body but also focuses on your particular challenges and goals. Burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and embrace a renewed sense of vitality with every session.


We take immense pride in our ability to modify our workouts for any ability level, making them accessible and enjoyable for all. Whether you're an experienced fitness enthusiast or new to the world of exercise, our expert trainers will customize each workout to fit your unique capabilities and requirements. Your fitness journey is personal, and we are here to guide and support you every step of the way.


We believe that age is just a number and that true transformation knows no bounds. As a member of our community, you'll witness how consistent and personalized fitness training unlocks your inner potential. Experience a boost in confidence, a rejuvenation of spirit, and a renewed zest for life as you progress on your journey to optimal health and well-being.


Beyond our top-notch workouts, being part of the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden means joining a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Forge new friendships, share victories, and uplift one another in your pursuit of health and happiness. You are not alone on this journey – together, we celebrate achievements, overcome challenges, and foster a strong sense of camaraderie.


Your health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. By working out with the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden, you'll notice positive changes extending beyond the gym. 

Boost your metabolism, burn calories efficiently, and embrace a lifestyle that promotes overall balance and longevity. 

Experience the joy of improved mobility, enhanced energy levels, and a sense of empowerment that comes from being the best version of yourself.

Join us today and unlock the transformative power of the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden. 

Embrace a fitness journey that is uniquely tailored to your age group and personalized to help you achieve your goals.


Discover how we make a difference TO YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING

At the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden, we understand that our clients come to us with common challenges.

You might find yourself experiencing physical inactivity, lacking personalized guidance, witnessing a decline in your well-being, or struggling with limited flexibility and convenience.

But worry not – these challenges are precisely what sets the stage for your transformation.


Identify YOUR GOALS AND Desires

Picture this: You dream of living life with boundless energy, feeling strong, vibrant, and confident in your body.

You desire a lifestyle that cultivates long-term health and well-being, making you ready to face whatever life throws your way.

And now, more than ever, you're seeking guidance and support to navigate through these changing times with resilience and grace.


In the journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life, we understand that there are common challenges faced by our clients aged 45-70.

Life's demands may have led to physical inactivity, leaving you yearning for a way to revitalize your energy and mobility.

Perhaps you've been seeking personalized guidance and support to create a sustainable fitness routine that aligns with your unique needs and goals.

As time passes, you might have noticed a gradual decline in your overall well-being, and the desire for a positive change grows stronger.

Additionally, the constraints of a busy lifestyle might have limited your flexibility and convenience when it comes to accessing fitness programs that truly work for you.

At the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden, we recognize these obstacles as opportunities for growth and transformation. Instead of accepting these challenges as insurmountable barriers, we see them as the catalysts that will ignite your journey towards becoming a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

Together, we'll address these issues head-on and embark on a path that revitalizes your body, renews your spirit, and empowers you to embrace a lifestyle of wellness and vitality.


In this story of transformation, you are the hero, and we are your trusted guide.

Sheila Hamilton, the founder of it's time! Fitness Results gym, has embarked on a new mission – the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden.

As a former Registered Nurse turned Personal Trainer, Sheila's dedication to ongoing learning and her expertise as a StrongFirst Level 2 Girya fuel her passion for helping others.

The Movement Garden is built on 3 guiding principles:

Read on to discover what sets us apart and why we do what we do!

Lift Your Spirit

We were living in a stressful world and then along came the 2020 World Covid Pandemic. I have found my spirit challenged.

Has the stress and life in general made it difficult for you to cope and feel happy? Your spirit needs to be nurtured.

Life can get in the way of our happiness if we don’t take the time to work on ways to build and maintain it. Sometimes our coping skills do more harm than good, especially if we haven’t got the knowledge we need to improve.

Dealing with stress by overusing drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications is at an all time high according to Dr. Inna Fadyeyeva, a General Practitioner in North Vancouver, B.C.. “With the isolation and restrictions put upon us from the pandemic we have the means, the opportunity and the time to overuse substances, she states.

Grow Your Strength

Have ever desired to become stronger physically and wondered just how that might happen?

In the Strength and Conditioning world there are so many training principles and plans to choose from. I have found historically that even fitness professionals don't agree on the best way to become stronger.

This continues to motivate my desire to continue learning, as there are many courses and conferences that provide the latest research for us to be guided by with respect to programming appropriately to reach your goals.

In my experience over the last 15 years I have found that we are continuing to learn about the human body, it's interconnectedness and response to training variables. 

It's exciting for me to feel that I am part of a "movement" that is changing the way we age.

It is no longer acceptable to me that aging means a decline of health and movement competency. We currently have enough knowledge to reverse disease processes and improve the strength and integrity of our body.

Creating a plan for cultivating better health must include a training plan that is simple enough to follow, yet comprehensive enough to keep the adaptation response in you body moving forward.

Creating a plan that also keeps you interested and accountable, and meets you where you are at with respect to your fitness level and past or present injuries. (Oh how those old injuries can play a role in our ability to make progress!)

It's our job to make the magic happen for you by our dedication to finding a safe place for you to start and building your movement capacity and fitness level with consistency. I really feel the magic is in the consistency of the strength practice.

cultivate YOUR health

Making your health a lifestyle is worthy of cultivating. Do you desire to live a long and healthy life with robust longevity? 

At Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden our team is committed to improving and changing the way you age.

The roots of your health lie in your routines and habits. Rooting those routines (Making them stick.) roots us, and improves our physical, physiological and psychological health.

Why Health Integrity Matters

There are many aspects of cultivating your health to consider. With each aspect a change can be scaled so you can find a way to enjoy the positive adaptations of your change resulting in an improvement of all health outcomes.

Whether it’s your exercise, nutrition, sleep, or stress management routine there are many ideas we can suggest for you to try. 

Sharing the knowledge from a lifelong commitment to continual learning is at Sheila’s core. She shares this value with her team of Lyndsay and Louise who are both exemplary examples of their positive health cultivation.

Whether it’s a class or a private session you can be sure they will pack it with many value added ideas for you to consider.

"Invest in your self health - In "Sealth!"


Head Gardener


Online Personal Trainer Sheila Hamilton and team are passionate about helping you to build a stronger version of yourself through cultivating better health, growing strength, and lifting spirits!

SHMG offers free and paid, group and private virtual fitness classes to people of all ages and fitness levels..

Sheila Hamilton | Movement Garden



Making fitness a lifestyle and supporting her clients through the changes needed to reach their goals is her purpose and passion.



Lyndsay’s passion is to help others overcome their barriers to achieve independence and wellness.



Louise divides her time between pursuing her art, staying fit, walking her dog, and looking after her family (not necessarily in that order ....but sometimes!.)

Why Can't I Find You On Social Media?

Welcome to our world of health and strength, where our sole focus is on empowering individuals aged 50+ to rediscover their vitality and embrace a journey of growth. 

In a digital age dominated by social media, we've consciously chosen to step away from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Our decision is rooted in our dedication to your well-being – we believe that cultivating true health requires fostering positive connections with ourselves and others, which can sometimes be hindered by the fast-paced, comparison-driven nature of social media.

By not participating in these channels, we aim to create a space free from the noise and negativity often associated with them.

Instead, we plan to channel all our energy into providing you with valuable, educational content in our soon to be launched YouTube channel.

Join us as we embark on a path to build strength, nurture health, and uplift spirits – a journey focused on authentic growth and meaningful connections.


Don’t know what we would ever do if you decided to move on

Thanks for all the classes you are putting out there. I really love them and feel like I am strong and can do all the other things I want to do - like ride, power wash, climb, hike, sprint stairs etc. I don’t know what we would ever do if you decided to move on so please don’t!  :) YOU are going to keep us mobile and active for life.

Analise Ipatowicz

I look so forward to her weekly sessions and enjoy the convenience of doing online classes in my own home.

I would highly recommend Sheila’s personal training sessions and online workouts to everyone! I have been working with Sheila for over three years and she is undoubtably the best fitness coach I have ever had.

She is extremely knowledgeable about latest fitness/wellness/nutrition research and keeps current in all her certifications as a fitness coach. I love Sheila’s detail to form.

After having chronic neck issues for many years, I feel safe and confident that I am building strength, endurance, cardio, and balance without compromising my body.

I also appreciate Sheila’s personality as she is clear, encouraging, interesting, and fun as she leads me through workouts.

I have exercised most of my life and have never really enjoyed it, until I met Sheila. Now I look so forward to her weekly sessions and enjoy the convenience of doing online classes in my own home.

Colleen Drobot

New York City

I am so happy to say that I did NOT get injured in New York City like I did in 2018, and instead I retained my mobility throughout and even after the trip. I think I owe it to my current fitness level and awareness, and that’s thanks to the work you’ve put in – so THANK YOU!

Rain Thompson

You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem and SMARTER than you think.

Experience the results of training with us by dedicating some time for classes and/or a private session to your weekly routine. We are here to get you started in the right place with a safe program that meets you where you are at to get started.

We can’t wait to share this with you!

Sheila, Lyndsay, and Louise

(The Movement Gardeners)