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March 16th @ 6:15 pm 

"What your chiropractors want you to know about nutrition, your back pain and your gut health."

Join certified Precision Nutrition coach Sheila Hamilton for 5 sessions that will explore ways to improve your overall health by eating to improve your gut health.

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Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 - 9:00 - 9:45 AM 

With Sheila and Lyndsay

Back to Basics: Low Back Edition is a complementary 4 week progressive entry level movement and core classes designed to help you breathe better, strengthen your core, and improve your movement quality. 

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Feel free to join us Tuesday's at 4;45

Complimentary with any membership or $35/month 

All fitness levels are welcome to join this class that will aim to improve your overall movement quality, mobility and stability.
Enjoy this upbeat class as Coach Lyndsay teaches you methods to maintain and improve your movements for the decades ahead. Sounds good right? That's Movement Longevity!

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What is the Movement Garden?


Private Training at Home

Hi Sheila,

That was a terrific workout for me today. I feel energized right now, which is a great feeling. Thanks so much. Glad I discovered you!


Ramona Barron

My Go-To Class

Why I chose the GLUTE LAB as my go-to class? SIMPLE it works! For the active lifestyle here on the North Shore, no matter what age, this class strengthens your most important ASSet for movement.

The energy and knowledge Sheila shares as she expertly guides you through the movements makes the hour fly by and I leave the class high on feeling good endorphins ready to take on the day.

Annette Bazin

Sheila is a wealth of knowledge!

I highly recommend the Back to Basics Training with Sheila and Lyndsay. The sessions were easy to follow and came with a great set of instructions for doing the exercises on my own.

Each session built on the previous ones and by the end, I had a great basic core strengthening program to follow at home and I knew how to do the exercises properly. Moreover, I felt motivated to continue with them.

Sheila is a wealth of knowledge about how and why this core strengthening is important and she and Lyndsay worked together beautifully to explain, demonstrate and give feedback as needed – in a warm and friendly way. Thank you for this gift!

Shirley Vollett Life & Relationship Coach

Playing My Best Golf

After five years working with Sheila, my core is strong and my flexibility has increased enabling me to play my best golf lowering my index from 9 to 4 and moving back a set of tees

George Brownell Retired

I really am a stronger version of myself.

Hi Sheila,

I have been meaning to email you for awhile, but just haven’t gotten to it. I want to let you know that I am deeply appreciative of your work and support. I really am a stronger version of myself, which I never thought about happening. My left shoulder in particular has become stronger, and I can do the Turkish get up now, even though it’s not pretty! I know I’m stronger overall.

Big thanks!


Nancy Nichols

It’s the perfect all-round body wakeup and workout!

“Lyndsay's 8 am bodyweight class is what I use to get me up and going in the morning. No weights mean I can do it wherever I am, even outside! She is great at showing exactly what to do with the zoom meeting letting us all chat in and ask questions. And the gentle transition from stretching to activity means my body never feels pushed and I always leave the class with a good sweat on and energized for the day.”

Frank Hallett

New York City

I am so happy to say that I did NOT get injured in New York City like I did in 2018, and instead I retained my mobility throughout and even after the trip. I think I owe it to my current fitness level and awareness, and that’s thanks to the work you’ve put in – so THANK YOU!

Cole Thompson

I'm getting stronger in every way!

Training with Sheila and Lyndsay continues to be a great experience. I am constantly improving in strength, balance, are cardio. The sessions are always changing and are lots of fun. I go to group sessions. The other clients are inspiring! Overall, I love it! My life was too sedentary and I needed a kick-started to getting back in shape. I was a bit hesitant initially because I'd never been to a gym. But it quickly became clear that Sheila has a genuine interest in helping her clients become more strong and healthy. She is a caring person who is fun to be with! There have been several improvement to my health. I stronger in every way (e.g. I can now do mini-pushups!). Sheila and her wonderful team are caring and professional in every way. Sheila is always improving her own practice and is an incredible inspiration! You can trust the team to offer excellent advice regarding how best to approach your fitness activities. Sheila and her team are genuinely committed to helping others improve their health and well-being through rolling, stretching, strengthening, and cardio. I am grateful to the Movement Garden team for all your efforts!

Susan Nesbit

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