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Online Zoom Fitness Class Sept 15 - The Get Up Movement

The Get up movement

Free VIRTUAL group fitness workshop
Did you know that strength training on tight muscles can cause more tightness and potentially set you back from progressing towards your fitness goals? 

Learn more about the rolling workshop here.

Back to Basics 4-week Program

Every Thursday morning in September

BACK TO BASICS is a four week complementary progressive entry level movement and core class to learn how to breathe, strengthen your core and move safely. It's perfect for those who are just starting out, returning to exercise, or have injured themselves trying to get stronger.

Learn more about the Back to Basics training program.

online fitness training class Sept 8th 2021- Back to basic training Sheila Hamilton

Glute Lab

This class takes aim at those muscles we sit on all day and puts them through the paces. Our glutes don’t get used nearly as much as they should in our day to day life of sitting in cars, at desks, on sofas, etc. so sign up and give your derrière some tough love!

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BodyWeight Fitness Class w/ Lyndsay

Learn how to use your own bodyweight to gain strength, stamina, and flexibility. Learn more about the Bodyweight fitness training.

SHEILA HAMILTON Bodyweight Fitness Class

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Sheila’s passion for lifelong learning and healthy living was evident

I invited Sheila to a team meeting to bring her expertise and enthusiasm on mobility and wellness! It was a power 30 minutes filled with realignment movements to counter act us sitting so much and breathing exercises, along with a quick introduction to the importance of gut microbiome.

Sheila’s passion for lifelong learning and healthy living was evident with the knowledge she shared on fueling your body, breathing and overall training safely to build strength > NO matter what age!

I’m looking forward to having her back to another team meeting soon!

Ps – great class today!


Back to Basics program was exactly what I needed

Sheila and her team are highly knowledgeable and I always recommend them to my family and friends. I fully trust Sheila’s approach and her dedication to the wellbeing of her clients.

The Back to Basics program was exactly what I needed to get back into some physical activity. This series of classes helped me regain my strength, flexibility and proper posture after spending way too much time seated in front of my computer for work.

I now feel more confident attending some of the other classes. I’m grateful to Sheila for always making me feel safe, as she clearly explains the movements and their purpose while making sure to offer alternatives so everyone can benefit regardless of their limitations.

And although it initially seemed unusual to follow along from a computer, I actually now find it very practical and quite a timesaver.

Thank you Sheila and Lyndsay!!

Rosangela Giacobetti

Playing My Best Golf

After five years working with Sheila, my core is strong and my flexibility has increased enabling me to play my best golf lowering my index from 9 to 4 and moving back a set of tees.

George Brownell , Retired

WorkSmart makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

Sheila, once again another great job on demonstrating work smart practices in the work place and at home.

The documentation presented along with all the exercise demonstrations clearly shows her passion for what we are trying to accomplish for our employees health. This topped off with the nutrition guide presented makes for a much happier, healthier work place.

We so look forward to having you back next year.

Great Job Guy’s

F. Jones , Samuel, Son & Co.

Sheila came into my life at the right time

Sheila Hamilton has been my primary trainer since the start of 2017. She was recommended by my physiotherapist whose husband was a client. As a team sport, multi-sport athletic person all my life, I let my training go in my 40s while raising young kids and working full time.

My fitness level was down, I lacked strength and endurance and my eating habits were not a priority.

Sheila came into my life at the right time and quickly became more than my trainer. Sheila's warm, friendly, holistic approach to strength and nutrition is generous and supportive.

She is so committed to her health and strength practice that she freely gives shared knowledge during our training session because of her passion.

I learn something new every time and she is helping me build great habits that are now a part of my daily life. She also follows up to keep me on track and accountable.

Sheila has changed my life and my family's. She is an integral part of our lives in the way we talk about nutrition, conditioning, strength and being 'fit' and well.

We have a long way to go before our family becomes the "Incredibles", but with Sheila helping guide us, we are getting there. My husband was slow to get on the personal trainer wagon, but he equally adores and respects her.

Lisa Capitanio

“I am an RMT that understands the importance of safe, effective movement for the purpose of rehabilitation and general health.

After years of trying to find a gym or a trainer that understood how “workouts” should always include fundamental basic exercises that provide joint movement and stability, I found Sheila. She is so unique in that she covers all the important joint movements and then expands on them.

Whether you are just trying to get back on your feet ( literally ) or looking for a great intense workout, she provides it all.

The workouts start with breathing – a very overlooked important exercise. Pain often encourages shallow breathing which then causes restrictions in the thoracic spine ultimately leading to decreased movement in that area and increased pain.

She then makes sure that all the joints that are the focus of the workout are “prepped” to receive load. Before you know it you are safely sweating! It’s absolutely brilliant.

When recommending an exercise program to my patients, family and friends, I send them all to Sheila. I completely trust her knowledgeable, safe and effective approach. Thank you Sheila!”


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